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COMPASSIONATE TOUCH for Those in Later Life Stages


     Care with Compassion® integrates three gentle alternative therapies and is designed to bring enormous benefits of touch, communication, and interaction to those who need it most: the elderly, the ill, and the dying. This system has been shown to enhance the patient’s quality of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The advantages of CARE WITH COMPASSION extends to families as well as facilities. The program, which includes Reiki, COMPASSIONATE TOUCH for Those in Later Life Stages™ and specialized Music Therapy, can be easily adapted to fit individual needs.


"The therapies have definite psychosocial benefits for the patients, affecting their overall happiness, state of mind, depression, and how they cope with things."        -Gopen, physical therapist


Three gentle alternative

therapies integrated into a

system of beneficial care

for nursing home patients.



Allow me to serve your elderly, your ill, and your dying... by bringing peace, honor & love...through


for Those in

Later Life Stages™,

 Reiki, and Specialized

Music Therapy.

     The extraordinary medical advances of the past century have markedly reduced infant mortality, conquered a host of once-fatal diseases, and added nearly 30 years to the lifespan of the average American. In focusing on a narrowly conceived notion of “health”, however, we have often failed to consider the quality of our longer lives, as increasing numbers of our senior citizens, physically or mentally unable to care for themselves, enter a variety of settings circumscribed by age: retirement communities, assisted-living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. Moreover, longevity depends clearly on a sense of well-being: innumerable studies demonstrate the positive effects of happiness and social interaction on all aspects of physical health. Sensory activation in particular offers tangible and intangible benefits for the health and quality of life of our seniors, as the sense of isolation often engendered by institutional living takes a heavy toll on residents’ vigor and contentment.

Touch is perhaps the most intimate and powerful means of communication, fundamental to life and our healing. Having a loved one enter a nursing facility is a major adjustment for all involved since even the daily routine and settings are foreign to what the resident has been accustomed. Using touch and physical closeness may serve as an important means of communicating with the acutely ill and aged persons reassuring their importance as human beings and minimizing transitions.


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